(A short)

The letter C is my favourite alphabetical entity.

It possesses such  chic curvature, don't you think?

C for Cat (that's me). C for Cartier (that's to die for). C for Collins (that's where it's at, folks).

Sometimes I step out onto the street when the air is pale gold. But it's not just a street; Maggie said it's called 'Town'.

So, in effect, I'm just a Cat that goes to Town.

And Cats naturally dwell in a hood that looks good on them. I think I've found mine, in earnest.

Until next time (or tomorrow).

I recently had the pleasure of spending a sumptuous day (and night) with my friends at Collins Street Precinct, who curated a bespoke experience for me featuring key retailers on one of Melbourne's most iconic streets. You don't need to have lived in Melbourne your whole life to know that Collins Street is the epitome of refined elegance, style and (naturally), luxury; an ideal commingling of heritage charms and contemporary dynamism that renders a little magic for folks of all ages.  

Highlights of my experience included a personal tour of the scintillating Cartier boutique (located at 90 Collins Street), followed by a private styling session with the Womenswear team at luxury department store at Harrolds  (101 Collins Street) - Tom Ford fluffy stilettos, I can't shake you from my thoughts.

Stepping into the velvet haven that is the Gray Reid Gallery (156 Collins Street) felt like stumbling upon a treasure trove of rare artisanal masterpieces. Alister and Gareth at the Gallery are exemplary individuals; welcoming, charming, and ultimately some of the most talented craftsmen in Melbourne. I was intrigued to learn of the processes involved in designing bespoke jewellery items such as earrings and cocktail rings inspired by Art Deco pieces from the 1920's; just one of the Gallery's many services offered to clients. If you happen to be strolling past this magical heritage building, do have a peak inside and prepare to be charmed. While you're there, head downstairs to the utterly delightful Kay Craddock Antiquarian Bookseller and lose yourself in a world of antique books, rare archival documents and art for an hour (or three). Once I discovered the Art History section, I'm afraid it was not going to be a quick visit. 

Thank you kindly to Sofitel Melbourne (25 Collins Street) for hosting me overnight in your marvellous establishment. There's nothing sweeter than being greeted by a smile and a 'Bonjour Madame' from every member of staff; who made the experience truly memorable. (There's also nothing sweeter than coming back to my room with a bottle of Taittinger and macarons waiting for me. Thrills. )

Au revoir; may we meet again soon!